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Play Your Way: Team-Building for Grown Ups

The importance of play for innovation is generally accepted, evidenced by the plethora of ping-pong tables across Silicon Valley. Yet research shows that play and playfulness are not so simple, nor easily induced. Because they are subjective constructs, attempting to use a ‘one-size-fits-all’ model in the workplace can in fact be counter-productive. This workshop helps participants to tap into their own sense of playfulness – which when done successfully, has been shown not only to foster creativity and motivation, but also to promote healthy relationships and build psychological safety and well-being in the workplace.

Strengths Use for Personal and Organisational Growth

These workshops will help participants identify and utilise their personal strengths in all areas of life. They are designed not only to build engagement in participants’ roles at work, but also to increase overall well-being. Initially, we will help individuals and teams to identify their strengths. After exploring the theory and research behind  the usage of individual strengths, participants will design methods of using their own in previously undiscovered ways. 

Get Unstuck: Building Engagement through Meaning and Purpose

Meaningful work which serves a purpose is often cited as a major contributor to life satisfaction and engagement. But all too often we find ourselves on the treadmill of life, losing touch with who we are, what we want and how to achieve it. This workshop is designed to reconnect participants with what brings meaning and purpose to their work. 

How to Talk to Garry: Core Principles of Communication

Perhaps one of the greatest ironies of modern workplaces is the fact that, while they run on the oil of human communication, this very act is at the heart of most organisational dysfunction. This workshop highlights the principles of effective communication. Whilst covering the basic theory and research in this field, it also allows participants to engage in practical techniques in order to enhance their communication skills, leading to more functional organisational climates.

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