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The Complex Classroom: Tools for Teaching in the 21st Century

The modern classroom has never been so complex. Educators are now required to deal with diverse learning needs, the demands of standardised testing, and family and community involvement, all whilst catering to the physical, social, and emotional well-being of students. It is no wonder that burnout is so common. So how can schools help teachers not only to survive in complexity, but to thrive in it? Using evidence-based praxes, our workshop aims to help educators gain clarity on the complexity in which they find themselves daily, and to come away with tools and techniques to operate more effectively within it.

The goals of the workshop are:

  1. To provide a space to think in order to explore and unpack the complexity faced by teachers in the modern classroom. 

  2. To empower educators with new perspectives on complexity, and to provide them with tools and techniques to help them operate more effectively within it.

  3. To enhance the well-being of teachers, students, their families and the broader community by supporting educators in this way.

  4. To support principals and leaders in education by helping them to scaffold the continued learning and development of their teachers.

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