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Models of Leadership: The Cheeky Cheat Sheet

When asked “What model of leadership do you employ with your team?” is your response a Vonnegut-style “ummm”? Many leaders simply cannot find the time to read the mountains of literature on current models of leadership, despite knowing their importance.


In this workshop, we will present the core principles of the most current research-based models of leadership. Participants will engage with each model in order to build clarity around which is best for them and their team, and come away with an understanding of its practical application.

Peak Performance: Supporting Yourself and your System to Thrive

The arena of performance is broader than we think. Peak performance and high performing teams are a product of various functions, including quality communication, the promotion of work/life harmony, and understanding energy input/output. They are grounded in an understanding of how we contribute to the performance of the system, and how the system impacts our performance.

Engendering peak performance encompasses more than just maximising your potential or getting the most out of your team by milking them dry.

This workshop will deliver tools and methodologies from current research to help you and your system (colleagues, clients, friends, and family) find the fuel to perform and thrive.

Coaching 101: A Crash Course in the Tools of Coaching

Coaching skills are now an expected component of a good leader’s repertoire. While coaching is one of the fastest growing industries, the field remains largely unregulated, and misinformation abounds. In this environment, having a thorough knowledge of evidence-based coaching praxes is vital to the success of an organisation and the well-being of its members.


This workshop will detail the foundations of good coaching practice. Participants will leave with a practical understanding of how to employ the manager-as-coach framework within their teams and organisations.

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