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What We Do 

We offer intellectually and emotionally stimulating pathways to building positive organisational cultures.

Space to grow

All forms of growth and development require specific conditions.

Our offerings are built on the foundations of empirical research into human and organisational development, and provide an environment for these processes of growth to occur.


Company founders Renee Lockwood and Melanie Weeks are highly experienced and qualified coaches. Both hold a Master of Science (Coaching Psychology) degree from the University of Sydney, and have several years of developmental, performance, career, transition, and organisational coaching.


Continuing personal and team coaching can also be provided. Please contact us for more information.

Space to learn

We provide space to learn the evergreen skills necessary for successfully  navigating the future of work. These include communication, creativity, collaboration, leadership, and navigating complexity. 


Through our years of experience in adult education and facilitation, we understand that providing people with stimulating content, dynamic presentations, and a warm, open environment encourages genuine engagement and curiosity to unfold.

Space to wonder

We offer seminars and facilitated workshops which aim to engage participants in the deeper reflection needed for the emergence of creativity and innovation.


Most of us live and work predominantly on autopilot. Rarely does the modern world make room for moments of pause, nor does it allow us the time to stop and think more deeply.


Through ideas grounded in philosophy and the behavioural sciences, we will help to create the right environment to plant the seeds of creativity, and spark the fire of innovation within your organisation.     

Space to connect

We understand that human systems are more than the sum of their parts. Creating flourishing workplaces and high-performing teams demands a level of positive relatedness between individuals. 


Our workshops provide the right environment for people to challenge and broaden their perspectives, opening up space for more meaningful connections.

Why the need for coaching 


"The demand for business coaches has never been greater. With business moving at breakneck speed, frequent job shifts, and limited in-house training, professionals of all levels are often grappling with changes. As a result, organizations are in dire need of leaders who can guide their colleagues through workplace challenges, help them improve performance, and lead them through career decisions."

Harvard University

Harvard Extension School 2017 

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