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About us

space2think is a collaboration of two like-minded professional coaches, Renee Lockwood and Melanie Weeks, with dedicated approaches to evidence-based practice grounded in robust theoretical models.

Renee Lockwood

Doctor of Philosophy

Master of Science (Coaching Psychology)

Bachelor of Arts (Hons)

Dr Renee Lockwood is an experienced coach, educator, and facilitator. She has taught thousands of adult students and thrives on helping them engage with new ideas. Renee offers performance, transitional, developmental, and organisational coaching. She has worked with people to aid in goal creation and achievement, performance enhancement, strengths recognition and development, the overcoming of unhelpful behaviours, confidence building, and increased levels of engagement.

Coming from a rigorous academic background, Renee is dedicated to evidence-based practice, and her work is grounded in robust theoretical models. In particular, Self-Determination Theory (SDT) plays a primary role in her work. This helps to support the conditions for her clients’ experience of autonomy, competence, and relatedness, thus building motivation and engagement. Renee also utilises techniques grounded in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Positive Psychology,

and Systems Theory.

Following fifteen years in facilitation and research, Renee founded Apricity Coaching. Having attained her doctorate

from the University of Sydney, she has taught at various tertiary institutions and presented at conferences internationally. She has published widely in a cross-disciplinary capacity, and can be found in numerous international journals, edited books, and monographs. 

Melanie Weeks

Master of Science (Coaching Psychology)

Bachelor of Education

Melanie is passionate about creating a positive space for clients to be able to think, to be listened to, and to be supported in their change and development efforts. In using evidence-based theory and practice, including the tools of positive psychology, change and goal theory, and theories of adult development, Melanie is equipped with an approach that is both knowledgeable and practical.


Melanie holds a Master of Science in Coaching Psychology from the University of Sydney, and is the founder and director of Connect the Dots coaching. Melanie’s background in teaching and adult education has given her a solid understanding of learning and behavioural change, and allowed her to meet and work with a diverse range of people. As a coach and facilitator, Melanie has worked with a variety of professionals across multiple industries. Her natural curiosity and love of learning assist her to understand the unique challenges that individuals, teams and organisations face.


As a mother of three young children, she appreciates the challenge of finding meaningful work whilst also thriving at home. Melanie believes these can exist in harmony, and as such, supports clients to set both personal and professional goals, whilst helping organisations to create engaging workplaces.


Melanie’s clients describe her as approachable and kind, as well as knowing when the timing is right for a nudge towards a personal growth edge.

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